The Fight


 Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry that controls over 40.3 million people, and sadly, it is notoriously underreported. Shocking as these numbers are, they are only a fraction of the actual problem.  

This industry is not confined within one nation's or even one continent's borders. It is an international business that kidnaps babies, children, women and men and exploits them for prostitution, forced labor, organ harvesting and more. Despite the barbaric crimes and unimaginable atrocities, this industry is growing bigger and bigger every year.

Where some may think that human trafficking only happens in power vacuums, it is rather deeply complex. Human trafficking is a symptom of a greater problem: broken and abusive homes, fragmented communities, and dysfunctional systems. To comprehensively address slavery, we must acknowledge the compounding issues of poverty, racism, homeless, abuse, inequality, addiction, gangs, and war.

Human trafficking won't end without responding to the refugee crisis and providing adequate support to immigrants. It will not be eradicated without fixing the broken foster care system and funding community outreach programs. 

Unfortunately, there is not one easy solution. It takes people from all walks of life raising awareness, getting involved in their communities, and staying educated on the signs of human trafficking.

For every $100 you spend, Alya's will donate $10 to UNBND, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Miami, FL. Through education, restoration, and support, UNBND is dedicated to the liberation and empowerment of human trafficking survivors until the last modern-day-slave is free. 

100% of merch sales will be donated to UBND.  

With your purchase, you are giving the gift of freedom, acceptance, and love.