Our Story

When I was 14 years old, I began traveling to South America to volunteer at an orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. These trips not only opened my eyes to the cold and unfair world that we live in but also the terrifying reality of human trafficking. The majority of these kids had been sold, trafficked, and abandoned; but fortunately for them, they found a way out through the orphanage. 
As much as I am overjoyed for these beautiful children that I had the privilege of getting to know, there are still thousands upon millions of children all around the world that are not as fortunate. 
I knew I wanted to help this fight against human trafficking in one way or another and since I did not have the means to open my own fundraising firm, I decided to open up this boutique. 
Alya's mission is to bring you the latest fashion trends and styles but more importantly, it is to bring awareness of the harsh realities in this world and raise money to fight human trafficking. 
So even if these styles aren't for you, thank you for visiting our store and I hope you leave with a little inspiration to join the fight!
--Olivia Skaff, Founder & CEO